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Join me for a rare solo/acoustic performance! 

Hey Friends,

I was just updating the website calendar & had a few minutes to reflect on the past year. 2014 has been a fantastic year for me both professionally & personally! I married my beautiful, amazing best friend. I've got a bunch of terrific guitar/bass students, & I'm lucky enough to be involved in more awesome musical projects than anyone, with any good sense, would take on!

Looking back on the calendar, I count over 85 shows I've been a part of this year! 

Here is a (probably incomplete) list of the incredible places music has taken me this year:

Loveland, CO

Fort Collins, CO

Carbondale, CO

Fruita, CO

Grand Junction, CO

Lawton, OK

Livingston, MT

Missoula, MT

Three Forks, MT

Evergreen, CO

Bozeman, MT

Anaconda, MT

Twin Bridges, MT

Golden, CO

Blackhawk, CO

Georgetown, CO

Hahn's Peak, CO

Fort Morgan, CO

Fairplay, CO

Lake McConaughy, NE

Longmont, CO

Lewistown, MT

Red Lodge, MT

Phillipsburg, MT

Castle Rock, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Empire, CO

Winter Park, CO

Firestone, CO

Boulder, Co

&, of course, many shows in my beloved Denver.


Looking forward to 2015!  See y'all there!



 2014 is off to a good start. We played the Toad Tavern on New Year's Eve. We had a fun acoustic set & shared the night with 'Sad Star Cafe' & 'Stu Miller's Moderately Sized Orchestra'.

Played the Mercury Cafe with the 'Trubelos'. Quirky venue. Lots of fun & my parents made it down for the show.

Little Bear, in Evergreen, is always a blast. We like it because it is the only stage that lifts & separates. My parents made this show as well.

Summit Steakhouse in Aurora. The RC & B-Weave show. Beautiful steakhouse, great meal, cozy vibe. Most of the patrons left after dinner, but we played to 3 very enthusiastic new fans & the staff loved us.

Monkey Barrel, a new venue down on Platte street. Great bar! Again, the RC & B-Weave show (joined in the 2nd set by Randy Welch, of the Trubelos, on bass). Staff was great & there were folks dancin' in off the street all night! Hoping to be back there soon.

Also worth noting- i've been playing the resonator more at recent shows & it's a cool change. Gritty, acoustic sound & it's fun to stand up & move around during shows.

See ya the 31st at Rock A Billies!


So, on saturday night, this happened:

The Rough Cuts had the amazing opportunity to open for 'Blackberry Smoke' (my new favorite band, by the way). What a great night. Full house at the Ogden & we ripped a stellar half-hour set for 'em.

Sunday morning Sami, Brandon, & I had a delicious breakfast at the Denver Biscuit Company. Then Sami headed to Rapid City, Brandon to the Springs & I went home. 

When I got home I saw this crowd picture from the night before & I began to cry. I wasn't sure why I was crying, but it felt really good. Later I began to think about the reasons:

I cried because I had this experience that most people will never be lucky enough to have.

I cried because we were able to make all of those people (most of which had never heard of us) happy simply by singing them some songs. So basic & so pure.

I cried because Ryan Chrys has allowed me to be a part of this journey.

I cried because I have so much support all around me.

I cried because music & I have found each other.

Thank you Ryan. Thank you Rough Cuts. Thank you Blackberry Smoke. Thank you Ogden Theatre/AEG.

Time to make more music.


Hey you. It's been awhile since we've spoken. What have I been up to? Glad ya asked.

A few weeks ago we traveled south to Pueblo to play the Colorado State Fair. First time to the fair & it was a great experience.  We played at a gorgeous little grass amphitheatre & the crowd was fantastic. Afterward we had a chance to walk the Midway & experience the fair itself.  Even tried a deep-fried snickers.  Way too good.

Back down to Denver for the Taste of Colorado.  We played the KYGO stage on a beautiful saturday afternoon & it was a blast.  Great crowd!  Appreciative & not afraid to participate & have a good time.  We played a two hour set that seemed to fly by.

The following friday we played a private birthday party at the Bluebird theatre.  We played with our friends from 'Something Underground'.  Met a lot of really nice people, including Gov. Hickenlooper, so not a bad night.

Saturday afternoon found us on Larimer street, playing on a flat-bed truck, with no cover, in 100 degree heat, but ya know what? It was still awesome. The event was called Carnage on Larimer & it was an car/truck/motorcycle show. The were a ton of people there & we had a great time.

Later that evening, the folks from the 'Bar Car' were kind enough to have us play at their birthday party. The Bar Car is tiny & always crowded & I love it.  Ryan, Laura, & myself followed the unfollowable duo of Johnny Barber & Lance Bakemeyer.  Extremely fun night.


That brings us to this weekend.  Friday night was the 'Motherloded Tavern' in Breckenridge.  Sami & I got up there a little early to enjoy dinner @ Breckenridge brewery. Always a pleasure. It was Oktoberfest weekend in Breck, so everyone was up for a party. The outdoor events all were rained out, but that only meant more folks drinking inside with us.  This was our second time at the Motherloded & both shows have been great.  Much dancing & merrymaking.

Saturday morning, back down the hill to play the Higher Ground Music Festival. This was put on by the folks at Colorado Music Buzz magazine & Callywood Radio. The rain held off until after our set & we delivered a good one. Everyone there was very nice & we had a great time playing. I could see this festival growing & growing as the years go on.

See ya at the Hard Rock on friday.

Busy weekend in 'Rough Cut Land'... or 'RC & B-Weave Land'... or 'B-Weave Land'... well, anyway.

Friday, I got home from the day job & had time to squeeze in a half hour nap before heading to Scooter's in Aurora.  Ryan & I did a 4 hour 'RC & B-Weave' happy hour(s) show on their beautiful deck.  It was a lot of fun. The staff was great & the crowd was kind (& actually into the music!).

8pm we packed up our gear & made our way to the Celtic Tavern, in Lodo, for gig number 2.  This time adding Vic & Paul for the full 'Rough Cuts' experience.  We got rolling around 10pm, playing to a surprisingly small crowd, however around midnight, everyone seemed to find their way into the tavern.  By our last set the crowd was big & fun & vocal.  My old friend Tommy Nahulu came out for his first Rough Cuts show.  Angie Stevens & the Larson Bros joined us on stage.  Fun Fun.

No time to bask in post show glory.  Went home for another half hour nap before going back to the day job.  (Yes, it did suck. Thanks for asking.)

Saturday- 1pm: home from work & time for a full 2 hours of sleep (it's getting better!) before the next show.  the good people from CHUN put on a yearly event called 'Snack Attack'.  It is a food truck event held in the parking lot of Argonaut liquor, on Colfax. This year, I'd guess there were about 10 trucks there.  This was our second year playing the event, this time joined by Vic on the snare.  Small, but fun crowd.  The volunteers were all incredible as always, but for the 2nd year in a row we got rained on.  It wasn't a torrential downpour like last year, but it was enough to shut us down.  We got in about 6 tunes & enjoyed some free food & beer.  Not a bad haul.

What's this? A full night's sleep?  Yes please.

Gig number 4 was sunday afternoon.  It was a benefit for the victims of the Black Forest Fire.  A very worthy cause & we were happy to head down there and donate an 'RC & the Rough Cuts Set'.  The benefit was at Casselman's, down in the River North neighborhood.  I was a bit worried about the preparedness of those throwing the event, as I could find little  information, about the event, online.  My fears proved to be warranted.  I walked into the main venue & there were maybe 20 people there.  It's hard to say exactly, as it was pitch black. There was a very abrasive Nu-metal band playing, so I thought maybe they scared everyone outside, which would be good for us, as we were playing the outdoor stage in the parking lot out back. I made my way out back to find another 20 people, 8 of which were the Rough Cuts & friends.  Two young girls (sisters about ages 11 & 14) were playing & just killing it on harmonies.  They even did an Alice in Chains tune, so that was pretty cool.

We finally hit the stage & were about 4 songs into our set when one of the 10 spectators was backed over by a woman, who for some reason, had her car parked in the closed parking lot.  Needless to say, that was it for the show.  I packed up & sat on my suitcase, numb, until they loaded her in the ambulance. I think she'll be ok, but what an awful, awful thing to happen when you're just trying to enjoy a show.

Ok. I don't want to end on a negative note, so I'll say this.  I had some time before the benefit, so I walked over to watch the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling event.  So awesome!  I had been watching the previous stages on tv all week, as they made their way through the mountains of CO, so it was cool to see it live.  I stood on the corner of 15th & Larimer & watched them come by a few times (it was an 8 lap stage).  Love to see people at the very top of their game, whatever that game may be.

Ps. Check out Ryan's page.  As always, he had an even busier weekend then I did!

Finished the tour with another great show in P-burg.  Saturday night they closed down Main St. & we played on a flat-bed truck for another incredible crowd.

What a great way to wrap up a great tour!  See ya next year MT!

The band made it back into CO late last night, but Ryan stayed behind for another week.  There is a monster forest fire looming near his family ranch.  At this point it's looking to bypass their land.  Hopefully that's the case & the jumpers get it under control soon.

Evel Knievel Days was as awesome as i'd hoped.  Huge stage, great sound, & another great crowd.  I could get used to doing shows like that.

Our second show of the evening, at the White Front Bar in Phillipsburg, was just as rowdy as promised.  Aside from being crushed by a speaker & a 220lb. drunk man (mid-song) it was a pretty cool show.

We're back in Phillipsburg tonight 8pm.  We'll be the band playing on a flat-bed truck on main street.

ps. our opening act at Evel Days was this tight-rope walker!

First of all, Missoula, what a gorgeous town!  Yesterday evening we rolled in to play the Downtown Missoula Summer Concert Series.  Beautiful location & great crowd. My only regret is falling asleep on the ride there & missing a Moose hanging in the river, by the side of the road.

Also, found a new great beer!  'Cold Smoke'-a Scotch Ale made by Kettle House Brewery. I'd heard good things previous & all the stories were true.

Tonight is Evel Knievel days (8pm)! Heads up Butte!

Great day yesterday!  About 12 hours on the road led us to Butte, where Ryan's mom prepared a great meal for 4 road-weary gents.

Played a 3-hour gig at a 'Five Mile Bar'.  Originally a brothel, 5 mile had a ton of character & so did the patrons.  Great people with a ton of energy & appreciation for the music.

Gonna mosey around Butte for a bit then head to Missoula for our 5 o'clock show.

What a busy week of shows!  Wednesday we played the Cowboy Lounge for the finals of the Country Music Showdown.  I thought we played very well, but now it's in the judges' hands.  We find out wednesday if we open for Leann Rimes.

Friday we performed an acoustic set @ the Hornet as part of the UMS.  Great show & especially fantastic crowd.  Broadway was wild with music & I would've loved to stay & soak it all in, but Ryan & I had to high-tail it to Bar Louie for a 3-hour 'RC & B-Weave set'.  It was the first time we had folks dancin' at a Bar Louie gig, so i call it a success.

Yesterday, another acoustic(ish) set at Cactus Jacks in Evergreen.  Ryan, Josh, & myself performed on the patio, on a gorgeous afternoon, to an incredible crowd.  Best part?  My parents were in state & made it out to the show along with Brandon, Emily, & Shirley.  Brandon even brought his banjo & sat in on a bunch of tunes.  Great show, great week!

2 days of rest 'till we head to Montana.  I'm gonna try to do some posts from the road.  See ya soon.

Saturday night we had a great show at Hahn's Peak Roadhouse.  The folks at Hahn's couldn't have been nicer or more gracious. It was my first time in the Steamboat area.  What a beautiful part of this beautiful state. Special thanks to Jon for bringing us & the fireworks!

Tomorrow night we're back at the Walnut Room opening up for Daniel Lawrence Walker.  Show starts at 8pm.

Next wednesday (the 17th) we'll be back at the Cowboy Lounge for the finals of the Rocky Mountain Music Festival showdown.  (oh, by the way, i forgot to mention that we won the last round).  So, mark your calendars for next wednesday.  We play at 7.

What a week!  Wednesday we played the Cowboy Lounge as part of a competition to open for Leanne Rimes.  I felt we rocked it, but you'll get the results as soon as we do.


Friday we traveled south to Fountain, CO & played to an extremely enthusiastic & gracious crowd @ the local VFW.

Satuday was The Toad Tavern as part of the Acoustic Circus CD release party.  We finally got to share the stage with 'Bucktein' one of the premier country acts in Denver.  Special thanks to Mark Sundermier for all that you do for the CO music scene.

Sunday found Ryan & I at the finish of the MS ride.  Congrats & thanks to all of those who participated in the ride.  I hope our music helped to soothe your aching quads.

Also this week, Sami & I lauched our 'Songs for Jake' youtube channel.  Check it out here!

Upcoming: saturday we play Hahn's Peak Roadhouse in Steamboat.

Great weekend in Evergreen.  We opened & closed the Evergreen rodeo with shows @ the Little Bear on friday & sunday night.  Thank you to the good people at the Little Bear & everyone who came to hang out with us.




Back from PA & (mostly) recharged. 

we went to Hershey's Chocolate World & made our own candy bars:

Hiked the 500 steps to the Appalachin Trail:

& we caught a performance by 'Frog Holler'.

Great time at home!  Now back to it.  Next show is friday night at the Little Bear in Evergreen.

Great weekend of music!  Friday night we opened for 'Reno Divorce'.  Great band & great people.  Thanks for getting us on the bill!  Saturday we made the trek to Burlington to celebrate their 125th birthday.  More great people & good times.  Gonna take a few weeks off (from live shows, anyway).  Headed to PA, for a bit, to recharge.  Next show is June 14th, @ the Little Bear, for the Evergreen Rodeo!

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